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CATDOLL 128CM Ava (Soft Silicone)


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Introducing the CATDOLL 128CM Ava, a life-sized doll that combines exquisite craftsmanship with stunning realism. Ava’s body, exclusively available in high-quality TPE, offers both affordability and ease of use without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Her head is crafted from the finest and latest soft silicone material, enhancing her lifelike appearance and providing numerous customization options.

Body Material

  • TPE Body: Ava’s 128CM body is made from premium TPE material, ensuring a realistic touch and flexibility. This makes her both budget-friendly and easy to handle, while still maintaining a beautiful and lifelike appearance.

Head Material

  • Soft Silicone Head: The head of Ava is crafted from top-tier soft silicone material, providing an incredibly realistic look. Although the soft silicone cannot support hair implants, it offers the benefit of being more affordable and versatile. You can choose from various wigs to create different styles and looks.

Customization Options

Ava offers a wide array of customization options, allowing you to personalize her to your liking:

  • Skin Tone: Choose from various skin tones to match your preference.
  • Eye Color: Select Ava’s eye color to create a captivating look.
  • Hair Options: Since hair implants are not supported, you can choose from a variety of wigs to achieve different styles and looks.
  • Additional Customization: If you have specific customization needs, we will contact you after your order to discuss further details. We welcome your ideas and will strive to meet your customization requests.


Ava stands at a height of 128cm with well-proportioned measurements:

  • Height: 128cm
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Shoulder Width: 30cm
  • Bust: 57cm
  • Waist: 52cm
  • Hip: 63cm
  • Foot Length: 21cm
  • Package Size: 119cm x 39cm x 25cm
  • Package Weight: 27kg


The CATDOLL 128CM Ava is a beautifully crafted and highly customizable doll designed to offer both affordability and aesthetic satisfaction. With her TPE body and soft silicone head, Ava combines practicality with stunning realism. Extensive customization options ensure that Ava can be tailored to your exact specifications, making her a truly unique and cherished companion. Whether for collection, companionship, or aesthetic enjoyment, Ava promises to bring delight and satisfaction.


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